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New Zealand Certificate in Infrastructure Works

New Zealand Certificate in Infrastructure Works

Level 2

Learn how to work safely on sites and in a team with UCOL's New Zealand Certificate in Infrastructure Works.

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Quick info

Level: 2

Locations: Tararua

Duration: 14 weeks, full-time

21 Mar 2022 - 19 Aug 2022

Domestic Fees: *
Nil fees

International Fees:*
Not applicable.

Additional Fees
Compulsory course costs may apply.

* Fees are indicative only, and are inclusive of the student services levy and GST (goods and services tax). The fee shown is for one year of study.

New Zealand needs skilled workers to maintain vital resources we all use - wastewater, stormwater, electricity and road networks. 

Whether you're commencing a career in the infrastructure works industry or seeking a qualification related to your current role, UCOL's New Zealand Certificate in Infrastructure Works is an ideal starting point.

 Career & Study Outcomes

Successful graduates of UCOL's New Zealand Certificate in Infrastructure Works will be able to:

  • Work safely and responsibly with others on infrastructure works sites
  • Perform basic infrastructure works activities

Employment options include:

  • Civil works
  • Rural contracting
  • Surfacing operations
  • Underground utilities

 Course Information

This programme comprises 40 credits.

Introduction to intrastructure works, and team skill requirements (15 Credits)
An introduction to the infrastructure works sector. Also learn about your responsibilities as an employee when working as a team member. The course will cover:

  • Health and Safety in Employment Act
  • Employee and employer rights and responsibilities
  • Workplace hazard identification and management
  • Time management
  • Teamwork
  • Communication

Health, safety and the environment (16 Credits)
An introduction to the health and safety requirements relevant to the infrastructure works sector.

Infrastructure works tools and equipment (9 Credits)
An introduction to the materials used for compacting, and the use of tools and equipment used on infrastructure works sites. You'll develop skills for excavation.

 Student & Staff Profiles

 Domestic Entry Requirements

Open entry.


For more information about NCEA Credits see UCOL's NCEA explained page.

 International Entry Requirements

Not applicable

 Advice & Guidance

Students need to be aware of the physical requirements for operating in the infrastructure workforce. Students will be advised to put any special needs or requirements in writing and advise the Programme Leader before the programme begins.

Work experience
While there is no work experience in this programme, students undertake supervised practical work on industry sites.

Recognition of prior learning
Applications for Recognition of Prior Learning, including Cross Credit, Credit Transfer and Assessment of Prior Learning may be made on the Recognition of Prior Learning Form where a student believes all learning outcomes for a course have already been met. Applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the UCOL Academic Statute and other relavant policies and procedures.

Application checklist
It will make the process easier if you prepare the following before you apply:

  • National Student Number (NSN) (If you don't have a NSN, you may request one from NZQA, or you can supply a verified copy of your birth certificate, passport or Whakapapa statement.)
  • Evidence of your highest level of academic achievement (and evidence of prior learning, if applicable)
  • Evidence that you meet the entry requirements of the programme
  • Check if you're eligible for additional support or a scholarship. If you're 19 years or younger, you may be eligible to enrol in one of our free Youth Transition programmes.

Note that you will need to provide any verified documents in person, via post or email (not via the online application form).

 Additional Costs

PPE Gear, Overalls, Gloves, Hat, Boots, Hard Hat $350.

Scientific calculator $30

Drawing equipment, compass set 150mm, 300mm rules $15

Folders, Lecture pads, pens and pencils approx $60


The programme is approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under the provisions of the Education Act 1989, and Universal College of Learning (UCOL) is accredited to teach it.